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Scrunching of the nose can result in lines which appear between the inside corner of the eye and the middle of the bridge of the nose. These lines are known as bunny lines. In some people these wrinkles can appear more obvious when other areas are treated with BTX (Botulinum Toxin A) as other areas become smoother while these lines are left untreated. In some people these lines are undesirable.

Treatment For Bunny Lines

Anti-Ageing Injections

To soften bunny lines a small amount of BTX is injected in the musclles either side of the bridge of the nose. The relaxation of these muscles results in a significant reduction in these lines. Where there is an expectation that the effect of the BTX in the glabella and forehead should last 4-6 months, treatment of the bunny lines can sometimes be effective for less time.

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