Frown Lines

Also known as Glabellar Lines

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The most commonly treated facial lines (rhytides) are vertical lines found above the nose, between the eyebrows and forehead. With increasing age these vertical lines become ever more prominent and are often accompanied by drooping of the brows.

Treatment For Frown Lines

Anti-Ageing Injections

Appropriate treatment with BTX (Botulinum Toxin A) can have the effect of significantly reducing these vertical lines and also provide a subtle lifting of the brow. The reduction of these vertical lines coupled with the subtle eyebrow raise results in a look which is less worried or angry and more fresh with a younger appearance.

During the procedure you should only feel very small pinpricks as very thin needles are used. The effect of the BTX treatment begins to take hold within 4-7 days and the effect usually lasts for between 4-6 months.

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